Mark Flinn, Certified Trade Show Manager

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Mark Flinn

Mark is among 1% of all trade show industry professionals to hold the Gold Level CTSM (Certified Trade Show Marketer) Certification, the only university-affiliated (Northern Illinois University Outreach) professional certification program in the exhibit marketing industry.

A highly skilled tradeshow professional, Mark believes in doing whatever it takes to make his customers comfortable with the creative process and satisfied with the results. He offers the complete range of development and management skills, including concept development, planning and economics, design construction, materials and accessories selection, shipping, maintenance, show floor service – the works.

Firms that have worked with Mark are based in many of the major markets of the world, from Belgium to Japan as well as across the United States. Included among those firms are Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders such as GTE (Verizon), Sony Pictures, Pfizer, Toyota, Mattel, Direct TV, Echostar, Tyco International, HICO America and HighRes Biosolutions. While serving his client base, Mark has managed shows across the U.S. and in Singapore, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, England and Mexico.

Now more than ever, it’s critical that you add value to every step of the process. By listening and learning about our client program challenges we seek to build solid (transparent) relationships that are mutually beneficial, long term propositions.

A great relationship is an exciting process of refinement.   Achieved through a balance of the client’s objectives and the economic realities of business. It requires sensitivity to all facets of the industry and recognizes that the opportunity to provide value, and the passion to produce it, is most important.

Our designs evolve through listening.

Our experience grows through listening.

Our direction is planned through listening.