With Sho-Link, not only can we design, build and transport your exhibit, we can also install and dismantle it as well. Sho-Link, our co-owned company, is an international network of professional installation and dismantle specialists that take pride in making you look good at your event.

There are Sho-Link offices across the U.S. and abroad so you are assured your exhibit will be properly assembled and in time for your event. By utilizing Sho-Link labor you can save money by not having to be at the show days before the event. Sho-Link takes the hassle and worries of making it all happen on opening day.


Bringing concept to reality can be a difficult job. Our Project Managers are tasked with bringing your project in on budget and on time, every time. From creating estimates to producing precision fabrication and construction drawings to procuring specialty items and materials, Southwest Displays & Events’ Project Managers are the best in the industry.


When it comes to fabrication, we maintain the highest level of quality craftsmanship in the industry. Our professional Fabricators have years of experience in transforming the design into eye-opening masterpieces. We follow through with every detail to ensure that your exhibit withstands the test of time.


At Southwest Displays & Events, we understand that many of our clients are competing in the global marketplace. With that in mind, we’ve formed strong relationships with display companies around the world. These relationships enable us to offer many of our services on a global scale, and allows our clients to know that they’re working with a trusted partner – whether they’re opening up in Brazil or Dubai, or anywhere in between.


Multiple delivery points? Not a problem. Special packaging requirements? Done that. Need to ship all your visual items with your fixtures and graphics? Say no more. Southwest Displays & Events has been providing clients with logistics and warehousing services such as these for over 20 years. Our logistics team is well versed in the most effective methods to transports your fixtures, graphics, and visual items to ensure they are delivered safely and on-time.


Great Exhibits Deserve Great Graphics. We offer complete design, production and installation services in-house. That saves you money. Direct interaction with Graphic Designers results in exactly what you want, on time and on budget.


How do we do it? By reviewing your needs and listening to your story. That’s how we translate the intangible into reality. However, bringing your brand to life is more than attentive listening. It requires knowledge and expertise in materials selection and specifications, fabrication details, and most importantly; cost awareness.

Our Account Executives have a vast diversified field of knowledge and experience to give you a complete and total package. Our design process gathers information from you to aid us in delivering a solution that fits you. The design questionnaire is an integral part of the process. We then analyze the information and craft a solution tailored to you.